The UNICEN intends, not only to support and consolidate the existing cooperation with foreign universities, but also to initiate new connections as an essential tool for the creation and exponential growth of exchange activities, transfer of students, graduates and teachers, and cooperation among universities. This cooperation is functional for the development and strengthening of science and technology research, the formation of human resources and its transfer to the environment, the teaching specialization, the enhancement of undergraduate and graduate education and the promotion of its academic offer.
As regards international connection, the UNICEN holds bilateral and multilateral cooperation through a great number of agreements with foreign universities (both, American and European) as well as with other Educational Institutes, Development and Research Centers, Foundations, Governmental Organisms, Organizations, etc.
Anyone interested in establishing connections with our university, in any of the ways mentioned above (students, graduates, professor-researchers or institutions and foreign organisms) could contact our people in International Relations.


International Relations Area

Headquarters, Pinto 399, 2nd Floor, Office 223
7000 Tandil, Buenos Aires
Tel: +54-249-4422000 ext. 182
Email: relacionesinternacionales [at] rec [dot] unicen [dot] edu [dot] ar
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