In the last years, the University has consolidated a transference profile and strong ties with the community through a series of undertakings related to the organization and promotion of the scientific and technological proposal and their insertion in the regional area.
In order to satisfy the needs of services in the industrial, business and production sectors, different activities were accomplished.

University - Company Foundation of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province (FUNIVEMP)

Based on the European Economic Community the FUNIVEMP project was effectively set up. This association is composed of thirty-nine Companies from the influential area of the National University of the Buenos Aires Province, the Districts of Tandil, Olavarría and Azul and the University itself. The object is to connect them with the world of the technological demand, that is to say the companies, especially the small-size ones; and relate them with the scientific and technological proposals to establish a direct connection with the University wherein science and technology are available. The goal is to impact on the regional development and encourage people from these companies, who are facing their own difficulties in a recessive market, limited in their growth and motivation, so as to foster them to look for new technologies, products and opportunities.