The National University of the Center of the Buenos Aires Province was created in 1974 with the aim of joining the already existing structures of Tandil, Olavarría and Azul within a National University. These Academic projects had been established since 1960 and with the passing of the law, which set up the UNICEN, they were joined together into a project of regional scope.

Since then, the UNICEN has experienced a continuous evolution. Nowadays, about 12.000 students follow their studies at this University. Apart from its three centers in Tandil, Olavarría and Azul, students may attend the first years of their studies at Quequén University Teaching Center.

The growing degree courses and postgraduate academic programs today involve the Faculties of Art, Agronomy, Economic Sciences, Exact Sciences, Human Sciences, Social Sciences, Veterinary Sciences, Engineering, and the Superior Schools of Law and Health Sciences. There exists a good teacher-student ratio, a comparative advantage in relation to bigger universities. This fact influences the quality of its academic formation.

Academic excellence, investigation, technological transference and services, aimed at attaining students' integral education, constitute the main objectives of this Institution without setting aside a permanent commitment to local development.